APPLICATION NOTES for RA-915+ Mercury Analyzer and for RA-915+ Mercury Analyzer with new pyrolyzer PYRO-915

Demercurization monitoring

Search and localization of indoor and outdoor mercury contamination in continuous air analysis mode, including those performed from moving vehicles
Monitoring of a demercurization process involving any chemical reagents
Quality assurance of the demercurization
Mercury assaying in construction materials and surface wash-outs
Handling the toxicology and occupational safety problems

Screening examination of population
Mercury values in urine
Direct AA mercury determination in biological materials
Finding out risk groups
Instrumental monitoring of a mercury intoxication treatment and of the following rehabilitation
Rapid-analysis of complex objects
  Direct AA mercury determination in foodstuff
Raw materials and industrial products
Ecological and geochemical samples, biological objects, foodstuffs, cosmetics, and medical preparations
Determination of mercury in soil, bottom sediments and geological materials
Combustible deposits (hydrocarbon gases, natural gas condensate, oil, coal, peat, and shale oil)
Geological and geochemical survey
  Study of mercury cycles of natural and technological origin
Prospecting of mineral deposits
Direct AA mercury determination in natural gas
Direct AA mercury determination in oil and oil products
Mercury assaying in natural gases, water, rocks and ores
Ecological survey


Direct AA mercury determination in air
Various ecological surveys of mercury haloes of technological origin and detection of emission sources