Application Notes for Capel Systems

Ecological and sanitary monitoring


Analysis of cations composition in potable, natural, and drain water
Analysis of anion composition of potable, natural, and drain waters
Analysis of phenoxy acid herbicides in natural and potable waters
Analysis of pesticides by MEKC
Analysis of cations in soil
Food industry 


Analysis of preservatives, antioxidants and caffeine by MEKC
Analysis of caffeine in instant coffee
Analysis of preservatives and antioxidants in beverages and juices 
Analysis of cations in mineral water
Analysis of carboxylic acids
Analysis of cations in wines
Analysis of synthetic food dyes
Determination of water-soluble vitamins
Analysis of test mixture of amino acids
Biotechnology, biochemistry and pharmaceutics


Analysis of drugs
Analysis of pharmaceutical preparations
Analysis of proteins by capillary isoelectric focusing technique
Study of trimine pharmacokinetics
Determination of the activity of a liver mono-oxygenase system (antipyrine test)
Determination of the liver acetyltransferase activity (sulfadimezine test)
Determination of enzyme activity
Forensic investigations
  Analysis of explosives by MEKC technique
Detection of traces of TNT on the splinters after explosion
Detection of traces of hexogen in ground after explosion
Analysis of controlled substances
Chemical industry
  Separation of aromatic carboxylic acids
Separation of position isomers of benzoic acid derivatives with cyclodextrins
Process control
  Determination of chloride and sulfate ions in the presence of lithium hydroxide
  Determination of low concentrations impurities
  Analysis of furan derivatives by MEKC