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 CAPEL-series Capillary Electrophoresis Systems


- Automatic pressure or electrokinetic sample injection
- Built-in capillary rinsing system
- Convenient access to the vials and capillary
- Possibility of visual check of the position of the vials and capillary rinsing
- Forced air cooling of the capillary in CAPEL103R/104, liquid cooling system in CAPEL103RT/104T and in CAPEL-105/105M
- Built-in monochromator (190 - 380 nm) in CAPEL-105/105M

Capel 103

CAPEL-103R/103RT , their upgraded automated version CAPEL-104/104T , and CAPEL-105/105M are high-performance capillary electrophoresis instruments, equipped with a photometric detector. CAPEL-103R/103RT have manually controlled samplers with 4 inlet and 2 outlet positions, and CAPEL-104/104T/105/105M have autosamplers with 10 inlet and 10 outlet positions, the samples, rinsing and buffer solution being fed automatically according to a preset program. The autosampler in CAPEL-104/104T/105 allows an increase in number of samples analyzed to 7, and the customized software makes the analysis fully automated. All instruments are equipped with a reversible polarity voltage supply units and with a customized report outputs (hard copy and file). The CAPEL-103RT/104T/105/105M have a liquid cooling system with temperature control for capillary cooling.

Design and operation features

In addition to the changeable internal photometric detector, filter fluorometer FLUORAT-02-2M or spectro-flourimeter FLUORAT-02-PANORAMA, connectable with CAPEL systems by a fiber optic bundle, can also be used as an external detector. The detection point is placed at 90 mm from the capillary outlet.

Standard 1.5 ml, minimal sample volume 100 �l.

Injection modes
Controlled pressure profile injection with variable peak pressure, programmable peak pressure range being 0 - 30 mbar
Programmable injection time

Electrophoresis power
Voltage range settable from 1 to 25 kV
(manually reversible polarity)
Current from 0 to 200 mA

System control
Membrane keyboard
4 string 20 characters and 30 string 16 characters LCDs in Capel-103R/103RT and Capel-104/104T/105/105M, respectively
Data acquisition and processing system based on a standard PC and Chrom&SpecR software with MSWindowsR user interface.

Chrom&SpecR software features
Real time electrophoregram visualization
Electrophoregram data processing
Computation of electrophoresis system parameters
Customized report output (hard copy and file), data exchanges with worksheets, databases and word processors
Extensive data processing algorithm customization
GLP and GALP compliance.
Data exchanges with worksheets, databases and word processors.

Detection wavelength 190 - 380 nm (Capel 105), 254 nm (Capel 103, 104)
Dynamic range of optical density measured From 2x10-5 to 2x10-2
Reproducibility of the retention time 0.5 %
Reproducibility of the peak magnitude 1 %
Voltage range From 1 to 25 kV
Capillary length/diameter 30 - 100 cm / 25, 50, 75, and 100 �m
Size and weight: (CAPEL-103R/103RT) 420x330x360 mm, 16/18 kg
Size and weight: (CAPEL-104/104T, 105, 105M) 420x360x440 mm, 22/24 kg
Power requirements 110/220 V, 150 W

Applications for Capel Systems
Download presentation (PDF format):HPCE with Capel Systems

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