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 FLUORAT®-02-series Analyzers


FLUORAT®-02, which was a pioneering instrument developed by LUMEX and have gained a wide use in many analytical laboratories, makes a baseline for a number of analytical fluorometric, photometric, and chemoluminometric techniques. This versatility allows an analyst to choose the optimal method for assaying each component being determined.
The Fluorat analyzers embody the modular principle. The base unit, FLUORAT®-02, is a filter fluorometer, chemiluminometer and photometer implemented together in the same optoelectronic scheme, whereas the FLUORAT®-02-2M version is, in addition, a time-resolving fluorometer and can also be used as a fluorometric detector in any HPLC system, relevant measuring cells being interchangeable.
FLUORAT-02 is an automated analyzer furnished with a package of certified methods for monitoring the quality of drinking and waste water in compliance with sanitary Regulations, as well as for assaying a number of air, soil, and food product constituents. The analytical methods implemented using this instrument are chosen so that to reliably detect half of the prescribed UTC and to provide the simplest sample preparation. For example, it takes 2 to 3, 5 to 7, and 2 to 3 minutes, respectively, to prepare a sample of petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, and surfactants for analysis.

Design and features

Wide spectral range
FLUORAT®-02 analyzer is equipped with a high-pressure xenon arc lamp, which emits high-intensity light in a spectral range from 200 to 950 nm.

The instrument is basically a fluorometer, however, it can be also operated as a photometer, chemiluminometer, or phosphorimeter. The cell compartment accommodates 10x10 mm cells for fluorometry, or 10x20 and 10x40 mm cells for photometry (the latter two in the FLUORAT®-02-2M model).

Use in the field
The analyzer is energized from AC mains or from a 12-V accumulator battery, which allows its use in mobile laboratories.

Automated operation procedures
The names of the methods, result processing technique, and calibration coefficients are displayed in the user's menu. The menu content and the loaded calibrations are stored in a nonvolatile memory. The self-diagnostics procedure is automatically performed when the instrument is switched on and during measurement. When carrying out an analysis, an operator merely chooses the necessary method from the menu and, having installed a cell, starts measuring. The concentration of a component being measured is indicated on a built-in LC display or is transmitted via a serial port to a standalone computer for further processing.
The table above lists the detection limits for some substances in analysis of water using FLUORAT®-02 analyzers in compliance with the certified methods. It should be noted that these methods are optimized for reliable identification of UTCs, the actual detection limits being lower than those given in the table.

Water. Detection limits (DL)
Fluorescent methods DL (mg/l) sample volume, ml
petroleum hydrocarbons 0.005 100
phenols 0.0005 250
anionic surfactants 0.025 5
cationic surfactants 0.01 5
formaldehyde 0.002 25
nitrites 0.005 5
nitrates 0.1 5
sulfides 0.005 10
fluorodes 0.01 10
copper 0.005 2
zinc 0.005 50
arsenic 0.001 100
cadmium 0.0005 200
selenium 0.0001 100
beryllium 0.0005 1000
stannum 0.01 10
boron 0.05 5
aluminum 0.01 10
cobalt 0.0001 25
iron 0.05 10
nickel 0.01 100
Chemiluminescent methods    
chromium (total) 0.002 2
Phosphorescent methods    
uranium* 0.0002 5
Cryoluminescent methods    
benzo[a]pyrene* 0.000001  
lead* 0.001  
Notes: *) only for FLUORAT®-02-2M model

FLUORAT®-02-3M and FLUORAT®-02-2M analyzer versions
FLUORAT®-02-2M enables measuring the phosphorescence intensity, operating in the time-resolving fluorometer mode. This mode is used for the detection of uranium, featuring very high sensitivity and selectivity. The analyzer can also operate with a fiber optic bundle, which allows measuring luminescence or reflected light from the surface of an outside sample, such as paper, cathodoliminophors, etc. FLUORAT®-02-2M can be combined with CRYO-1/2 attachment and can also be used as a fluorometric detector for HPLC systems.

FLUORAT®-02-02/3M features:

  02-3M 02-2M
Spectral range 200 - 1000 nm 200-650 nm
Cell types Q10, Q20, Q40 Q10, Q20, Q40
Power requirements 220 Vac, 50 Hz; 12 Vdc, 36 W
Size 300x300x90 mm 330x300x120 mm
Weight 8 kg 10 kg

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