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 FLUORAT�-02-PANORAMA Spectrofluorometer


Extended capabilities :
- Analysis of liquid and solid samples by the luminescence spectra
- Chromatographic analysis of several components during single eluation
- Synchronous and two-dimensional spectra scanning in both excitation and luminescence detection paths
- Precise measurements of luminescent kinetic processes.
- Detecting and recording luminescence and luminescence excitation spectra, or synchronous luminescence scanning spectrum.

Luminescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence and photometry.

  • Monochromators both in excitation and emission channels
  • Multifunctional operational capabilities
  • Wide variety of accessories for measurements outside the cell compartment;
  • Spectrofluorometric detector for micro- and semi-micro column HPLC
  • Synchronous and two-dimensional scanning
    Basic applications
  • Analysis of fluorescence spectra of liquids, surfaces and glasses
  • Analysis of absorption spectra of solutions and glasses

    Applications available with advanced research model
  • Measuring fluorescence with an external light source
  • Recording kinetics of time-resolved fluorescence
  • Studying chemi- and bio-luminescence processes
  • Developing new analytical techniques
Design features

FLUORAT-02-PANORAMA spectrofluorometer is the most sophisticated instrument among the FLUORAT-02 family. It is intended for scientific research, chromatographic analysis, and for operation as part of multimodule automatic measuring facilities. The spectral regions in the excitation and detection paths are set by built-in fast monochromators. The monochromators are controlled independently, so that the analyst can program any of their operation functions in the process of measuring, in particular, the spectra can be synchronously scanned.
A proprietary optical scheme provides the high sensitivity of the instrument, especially in the UV spectral range, where the isolation of a spectral interval using a light filter is difficult. The instrument is controlled either from a built-in keypad or from an external computer. The program-controlled computer interface implements the 'virtual device' operating mode, that is, the current status of all the units and of the processes occurring in the instrument are displayed on the screen.
FLUORAT-02 PANORAMA incorporates two monochromators in the luminescence excitation and detection paths, which are arranged in a compact two-storey configuration, a Xenon flashlamp used as a light source, and a PMT as a detector of luminescence signals. To enhance the measurement accuracy, a correction with respect to the reference and transmission paths is used. The monochromators employ 900 - l/mm concave diffraction gratings with 100-mm radius of curvature. The wavelength is set either from a keyboard or using a computer control program.

  • HOBBY accessory for photometric analysis of absorption of samples up to 35 mm thick 
  • FROG accessory for fluorometric measurements of powders, bleaching paper, luminescent labels, fabrics
  • TRITON accessory for fluorometric measurements of hard samples in liquid enviroment
  • MICROSCAN automatic flatbed accessory for fluorometric determination in standart microplates
  • CRYO-1/2 accessory for narrow/broad band fluorometric determinations of frosen samples
Spectral range 210 - 690 nm (optionally 210 - 840 nm)
Spectral bandwidth 15 nm (optionally 8 nm)
Signal-to-noise ratio for the Raman scattering (EX at 350 nm; EM at 400 nm, time response of 2 sec) >200 : 1 (for HPLC only)
>100 : 1 (for basic applications)
Wavelength accuracy <3 nm
Scan speed max 5 nm/s (typ. 1 - 2 nm/s)
Standart Q10 cell volume 3mL
Flow microcell volume 1�L
Power requirements 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 40 W
Size 400x360x160 mm (16"x14"x6" in)
Weight 13 kg (29 lb)

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